Magnetic Tube

Magnetic Tube

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Magnetic tube for magnetic separator , are made from high power NdFeB magnets and stainless tube by well welding and polishing, they are also named magnetic rod, magnetic bar, magnetic filter bar.

Working Tempereture 80-350°C
Surface Gauss up to 12500Gs
Outer Diameter up to 100mm(3.9″)
Length as per your requirement
Installation Endplugs various
Stainless Steel Tube SS304 /316/316L


3 Steps To Get Your Individual Tube Magnet

Tube magnets are completely customized. Your individual requirements need an individual solution.

Step 1- Design

How to Calculate Magnetic Field?
Finite element models can calculate the strength of a magnetic field. It is quite difficult, but practical we use the value below:

Dry Powder 7000-8000 Gauss
Wet Slurry 9000-10000 Gauss
Nanometer Particles over 12000 Gauss


How to Design the Size of Magnetic Tube?
1. Diameter: Diameters are in a series. The relationship between the diameter and max. gauss value is as below:

6000Gs 7000Gs 8000Gs 10000Gs 11000Gs 12000Gs

* recommended diameter is Ø25mm(1″)

2. Length: Custom and made to any length


How to Design the Installation?
Installation Endplug: Taped holes, threaded studs or plain ends based on your requirements

magnetic tube threaded studsThreaded Studs

taped holesTaped Holes

plain endsPlain Ends


How to make sure the material of stainless steel tube is correct?

SS304 Widley used in most applications
SS316/316L More corrosion resistance, and are used in food or chemical industries
Step 2- Payment & Production

Payment: We accept Paypal and T/T

Production: We will start the production when both of us confirm the design.

We own a magnets factory; therefore, we have various types of magnets in stock allowing us to finish  production within 3 days.  This timeframe is for general orders and we definitely offer competitive prices.

Step 3- Delivery

You give us your address, we ship it and you wait for your delivery. We will handle everything. Air and sea transportaiton is avaliable.



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separation line-918x2

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