Magnetic Plate

Magnetic Plate

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magnetic plate



Magnetic plate is manufactured with high-intensity neodymium magnet (rare earth) system and stainless steel case. These super strong NdFeB magnets generate an extremely high magnetic intensity, it is easly to capture fine iron particles from powders and food stuffs. Stainless steel case is full arc welded and well polished, so it is totally waterproof. All plate magnets of Leyuan Magnets are virtually maintenance free, offering a long service life not affected by wet conditions.


Food-lines, Recycling industry, Pharmaceutical, WEEE, Plastic, Wood-chip, Mineral processing, aggregates, Glass.

  • Fine polished, seam-welded, liquid tight construction
  • 304 or 316 stainless steel, good corrosion resistance and no pollution
  • Working temperature from 80℃ to 350℃ is available



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separation line-918x2

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