Magnetic Grate

Magnetic Grate

separation line-918x2



Magnetic Grate  can be  used in chute or made into drawer magnets together with stainless steel housing. 304 stainless steel construction and 316L also can be obtained.

We produce various grate magnets, equiped our magnetic tube, surface gauss can reach over 12000Gs, they are widely used in food, chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

Avaliable materials are stainless steel 304, 316 and 316L.

We support free designs and drawings according to your requirements.

3 Steps To Get Your Individual Grate Magnet

Grate magnets are completely customized. Your individual requirements need an individual solution.

Step 1- Design

How to Calculate a Magnetic Field of a Magnetic Bar?

Finite element models can calculate the strength of magnetic field. It is quite difficult, but practical we use below value:

Dry Powder 7000-8000 Gauss
Wet Slurry 9000-10000 Gauss
Nanometer Particles over 12000 Gauss


How to Make Sure the Size of a Magnetic Grid is Correct?

Please measure the hopper’s size if you do not have the magnetic grate’s drawing. For example, 3 pieces of data are needed: top diameter, bottom diameter and the height. We will help you to finish the next steps and place a real magnetic grid into your hand.

size of grid-838X400

Step 2- Payment & Production

Payment: We accept Paypal and T/T

Production: We will start the production when both of us confirm the design.

We own a magnets factory; therefore, we have various types of magnets in stock allowing us to finish  production within 3 days.  This timeframe is for general orders and we definitely offer competitive prices.

Step 3- Delivery

You give us your address, we ship it and you wait for your delivery. We will handle everything. Air and sea transportaiton is avaliable.



These are widely used magnetic grids, we shorten the lead time to 3 days through optmizing stock and technology.

standard magnetic grate-510X297


Standard Square Grate Magnets


Model No. A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D=qty.bars E=qty.bars
SN 150 147 25 3 2
SN 200 197 50 4 2
SN 250 247 75 5 2
SN 300 297 100 6 2
SN 350 347 125 7 2
SN 400 397 150 8 2
SN 450 447 175 60 9 4
SN 500 497 200 65 10 4
SN 550 547 225 75 11 4
SN 600 597 250 80 12 4


Standard Round Grate Magnets


Model No. A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D=qty.bars E=qty.bars
RN 150 147 17 3 2
RN 200 197 24 4 2
RN 250 247 30 5 2
RN 300 297 35 6 2
RN 350 347 40 7 2
RN 400 397 44 8 2
RN 450 447 49 172 9 4
RN 500 497 52 186 10 4
RN 550 547 56 199 11 4
RN 600 597 59 211 12 4

This huge grid has a diameter of 2840mm and 18pcs tubes. All seams are fully welded, a rounded R1 and well polished. They are used in high end food processing factory.

big grate-314X297


This fast cleaning grid is composed of two parts: a high gradient magnetic grid and an SS316 cover grid.  We pull off the magnetic grid when we clean it. The ferrous contaminant, which attaches on the surface of cover grid, will drop off as the disappearance of magnetic force. It is easy to clean the whole set in seconds. Similarly, an easy cleaning grate can equip an automatic magnetic separation equipment.

easy cleaning grate-314X297


Double or multilevel grid, in which all seams are full welded. No dead angle, easy cleaning. First choice for the food processing industry.

multilevel full welded grate-314X297




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separation line-918x2

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