Magnetic Separation

Magnetic Separation

separation line-960X2


magnetic separation magnetic-tube-200X133Magnetic Tube

Magnetic tube for magnetic separator , are made from high power NdFeB magnets and stainless tube by well welding and polishing, they are also named magnetic rod, magnetic bar, magnetic filter bar.



magnetic-grid 200X133Magnetic Grate

Magnetic Grate  can be  used in chute or made into drawer magnets together with stainless steel housing. 304 stainless steel construction and 316L also can be obtained.



magnetic plate separation-200X133Magnetic Plate

As one kind of tramp iron magnet or Tramp magnets, these  Spout magnets are developed to hold ferrous debris from the high volume materials in chute or spout. They are an ideal safeguarding of downstream process equipments.




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separation line-960X2

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