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    Neodymium Magnets, since 1995 we specialized in manufacturing rare earth magnet, certificated ISO9001, capability is 1000 tons/year. we are also good at making complex magnetic coupling and magnet assemblies.

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    Magnetic Separation, magnetic tube and magnetic grid whose surface gauss can reach over 12000Gs, full waterproof welding and well polishing, cheap price, fast delivery. 316 series have been widely used in European food industry.

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Neodymium Magnets

neodymium magnets

Since 1995, we specialized in manufacturing neodymium magnets, certificated ISO9001, the capacity is 1000 tons per year, the maximum magnets can reach 200mm, … more

Magnetic Separation

magnetic separation

10 years in  manufacturing magnetic separation, you will get our design only inform your hopper’s sizes. 316 magnetic grids have been widely used in European food industry, … more

Magnetic Coupling

magnetic coupling

Our Ideal Magnetic Drive Couplers will couple virtually any chemical metering pump.  Standard  sets for HYDROMATIK A2VK and ROTARY POWER type C.  …more

Cast Alnico Magnets

alnico magnets

Alnico magnet is comprised of aluminum, nickel and cobalt.  They are extensively used in fields such as the electronic, car, aviation, military technology, etc, …more

SmCo Magnets

smco magnets

According to their excellent corrosion resistance, they are used in microwave communication, permanent magnet motors meters and military technology, …more

Magnet Assemblies

magnet assemblies

Leading by experience magnetic circle engineer, we are good at making complex magnet assemblies, especially rare earth magnets combined with stainless steel parts, … more

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